The Kickstarter project to raise money for a translation of King's Hope, from Swedish to English, is now live! The project will run to Feb 28 2017.


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Status update three (2017-02-11)

Another week has passed and now it's 17 days to go of the Kickstarter project.


A question I get a lot is how a Kickstarter project works. So today I thought I could share how I did it.


While working on the Kickstarter, and even writing this update, I've listened to my favourite 24 songs, a lot :)


One of the first things to decide was what kind of crowdfunding platform to use, and the big ones I've found are Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In the end I choose Kickstarter, because of the All-or-nothing model, which means I either reach my goal and get the whole sum, or I get nothing. I think this is good, because it motives both me and backers to invest time, effort and money into it.


The next step was planning, and this is where I put most of the effort. Originally I wanted to launch the project at the end of 2016, but decided against due to lack of planning time. My planning included, among other things, finding people to contact that I could tell about this Kickstarter project and to plan rewards to backers. I found that this was a much bigger task than anticipated, because I wanted to have a printed novel in the end.

The next thing I needed to decide was the different pledge levels. Backers should of course get a copy of the novel, but I also needed something unique and exciting for the higher pledge levels. Hence I found out that you can design your own deck of cards! I found that very fitting for a poker themed novel!


But by adding more rewards you also increase the cost of the whole project. This was, and is, a big challenge because I have to weigh the rewards against the cost of creating them. And also the shipping costs. All costs should be included into the Kickstarter goal, unless you want to pay for them yourself. For me this simply isn't an option, and thus the overall goal increased.


After this I started to prepare all text, both for the project, and all mails that I've sent. I even made a small video! And then it was time to launch! This is scary, but if you don't try nothing will ever happen, right? :)


After this you wait and see what will happen.


That's it for now! Thanks for your time, and I'll update you in a week.


Best regards

Hans Olsson



Status update - two (2017-02-05)

One week has passed and so far the Project is at almost 1% of the required sum. This is awesome!

While 1% is great, it's still a bit to go before reaching the goal. I have a good feeling for the upcoming week.


The Kickstarter project is an All-Or-Nothing. If the goal is not reached no money are transferred, and no translation will be made.

So don't wait with supporting this :)




Here are some facts about the novel:

While writing the novel I read a lot of poker books and watched a lot of tournaments on YouTube.

Despite this I needed more feedback, and decided to contact a poker forum: pokerforum.nu.

I started to post chapters from the novel online, and invited anyone to read it and comment. I got a lot of feedback, which in the end helped to shape up the poker parts.

As thanks for the help I gave away two unique naming opportunities. Hence two character names in the book are not mine at all: Rogan Flugelhorn, number 3.199 and Kent "Kenta" Lennáart.


Until next time,


Best regards



Status update - one (2017-01-31):

Good evening!


Here's a short status update about the Kickstarter project.

It has now been running for two days and the project already has three backers! Thanks a lot, guys!


I've decided to share facts about me and the book that might be good to know.

While writing and researching for King's Hope, I visited Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm and participated in tournaments on two different occations.

I was knocked out fairly early, but learned a lot of the poker lingo and the atmosphere around the table.

"I had the wrong lenses on me, so I missed the flush on the table."

That's one line I heard, and I thought it was so good that it made it into the novel!


Support the Kickstarter project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1464755039/translating-novel-kings-hope-the-deadly-poker-tour?ref=creator_nav


Thank you!


Kickstarter project to get King's Hope translated now live!

As of today, 2017-01-29, the Kickstarter project to translate King's Hope from Swedish to English is live.

Visit and support the project here: King's Hope - Kickstarter


Together we can make this happen.


Thank you!


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Under fliken "Omgångar" hittar ni kapitel 1-6, samt de kapitel som är pokeromgångar. Längst ner finns också en enkel gästbok där ni kan lämna kommentarer och feedback.


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