King's Hope is finalized (2018-07-14)

The naming event is over since 1/7. In the end four people contributed and the following names can be found in the bonus chapter:


Senna Dijkstra.

Dick "Numbers" Goldberg.

Molly Green.

Albert "Aces" Charles.


The novel is still available to read here and will be for about another month. Then this site will be deleted.


You can always buy it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Kings-Hope-Hans-Olsson-ebook/dp/B07D9Q8LR2

and make sure to leave a review!


King's Hope in English (2018-05-16)

King's Hope is finally translated to English! Read it here.


For a limited period of time, until 1:st of July 2018, you can read the novel for free or buy it from Amazon, specially priced for this period: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D9Q8LR2/


If you read my novel and let me know if you find improvements, or just have general feedback, you have a chance to name one out of four characters in a completely new bonus chapter, exclusive for the English version.


When this period ends I will randomly select four people to name the characters.

When this novel becomes a movie you don't want to miss this option out! :)



May the cards fall to your advantage!


If you find something to improve with the text, or if you just have general feedback, please send me an email: info [at] zakuliforlag.se

or send me a PM from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hansolsson.forfattare



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